Creating the link
P25Connect creates a communications bridge or link between two different radio communication systems. These are the P25 digital radio network and the local channel used by volunteer fire departments, typically VHF (150 MHz range analog).

The system can be activated locally, through a switch, or remotely in three different ways:

Dispatch sends out a two-tone page on the VHF channel to alert volunteer fire personnel; and this activates the link.

Dispatch sends out a Call-Alert to the P25 radio within P25Connect and, once decoded, activates the link.

A radio user on the VHF system sends P25Connect a DTMF code, to be performed with a radio equipped with a full keypad to activate the link.

Once activated, P25Connect will remain in effect until eactivated with either the local switch or a DTMF code sent via VHF. Other devices can create audio links for bridges but none with P25Connect’s activation/deactivation flexibility.