P25Connect: A necessity for volunteer fire departments using P25 Radios

Connecting digital P25 with analog/conventional paging

No need to provide all volunteers with a DTR radio; use existing VHF pagers to hear all P25 digital voice

Reduces the need to contact Dispatch to page out for meetings and other events

Flexible activation: locally, by DTMF radio, or by Dispatch

The challenge of P25 for smaller agencies
While larger agencies—police, fire, county, state, etc.—can fund equipping all field personnel with digital P25 radios, small volunteer agencies may lack the financial resources. They need to rely upon their analog-based pagers and radios. But this requires a bridge, a way that important digital messages, particularly in a mutual aid scenario, an easily reach these analog devices.

Introducing P25Connect
A necessity for any volunteer fire department running on a digital P25 format, P25Connect is a controlled one-way or two-way link connecting a digital P25 radio network to a local analog channel, and thereby to the analog pagers and radios carried by volunteers. The P25Connect converts the digital format of the dispatch into a conventional analog signal.